Moose Hunt Podcast

A moose skull with headphones on it's head.


Join The Moose Hunt Podcast with host Chris Richards and the rest of the team at Maine’s world-class moose hunting operation, OMM Outfitters, for in depth discussions on the pursuit of the giants of the north- the mighty moose. No other podcast will provide the level of focus and excitement specific to the pursuit of these magnificent animals. Listen in for exciting and at times humorous stories of prior hunts, in depth lessons and tips for your own moose hunting pursuits, tales of the effort it takes to build a successful outfitting operation, uplifting examples of support from team member to team member and so much more. Whether you are passionate about moose hunting, never have before but hope to some day or are simply someone who enjoys hearing a good hunting story this is the podcast for you. You’ll listen first as a stranger but soon will feel like family. Welcome to The Moose Hunt Podcast.

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A man sitting on the ground with his moose.