Aerial Moose Surveys

A small airplane flying in the sky with its landing gear down.

Moose Surveys with a Husky bush plane transforms the vast, untamed wilderness of Maine’s far north into a stage for an unparalleled adventure in wildlife management and hunting preparation. This innovative approach not only underscores the commitment to sustainable conservation but also encapsulates the spirit of adventure that defines the wild country. From the moment the plane lifts off, cutting through the crisp, northern air, there’s a sense of embarking on an extraordinary journey into the heart of moose country.

The ability to soar above the dense forests and rugged terrain offers a thrilling perspective that ground-based scouting cannot match. Observers are treated to breathtaking views of majestic moose navigating their natural habitat, against the backdrop of Maine’s pristine landscapes. This bird’s-eye view allows OMM Outfitters to track the life history of bull moose with precision and intimacy, witnessing their growth, battles for dominance, and the quiet moments that define their existence. This aerial dance with nature offers a rare glimpse into the lives of these magnificent creatures, making every scouting trip a page in the larger story of the wilderness.

Aerial surveys before and after the hunting season also serve as a critical tool for gauging the health of the moose population. From high above, scouts can spot the telltale signs of ecological balance or distress, ensuring that the wilderness remains a thriving haven for moose and other wildlife. This vantage point reveals the secret pathways and hidden enclaves where moose congregate, offering insights into their world that would otherwise remain hidden in the shadowy depths of the forest.

Moreover, the quest to identify the territories of the largest bulls turns each flight into a treasure hunt, where the prizes are the hidden corners of the earth claimed by these majestic animals. Knowing where these giants roam adds an exhilarating strategic element to hunting preparations, transforming each expedition into a carefully crafted adventure that respects the noble spirit of the moose.