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Bear Hunts: Dates and Rates

A Maine Black Bear Hunt. Now this is where the fun begins, the feeling of having a trophy black bear only yards from your tree stand. The rush is intense and OMM makes it possible. Or, try an action-packed bear hunt with hounds. With the help of our game cameras pursue that record book Maine black bear you've been dreaming about.

bear-info-page-2We strive for quality and not quantity taking very few bear hunters per week.

Black bears are found in abundance around the lake and throughout the reserve, where they are attracted by many excellent food sources. Guided bear hunts begin in late August and take place from stands and blinds, with both rifle and archery hunters accommodated.

Hound hunts start in late September and continue through October. Success rates are above average with bears ranging from 4.5 feet and occasionally exceeding 7 feet. All clients are bear hunting over active baits and trail cameras are utilized to enhance success.

OMM also provides bear hunters with private channel, 5 watt, 2-way radios for direct communication with your black bear guide. Guides have 50-watt radios in their vehicles, connected to mountain-top repeaters, to stay in touch with each other and with the lodge. When your bear is down, help is on the way. No needlessly long waits at your stand.

Comfortable log cabins are equipped with gas lights and heat, with each cabin having its own private bath. Fine cuisine is served in the historic dining room and which features Maine lobster, prime meats and much more. These are high quality black bear hunts, reasonably priced and ideally located. Bring your spouse!

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