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Sika Deer

The Sika Deer, also known as the Spotted Deer or the Japanese Deer, is a species of deer native to much of East Asia, which is also introduced to various other parts of the world. It was previously found from Vietnam to the south and Russia to the north.
The Sika deer is one of the few deer species that does not lose its spots with maturity. Sika deer range in color from mahogany to black, rarely white. They are medium sized herbivores, 20–37 in. tall at the shoulder and weighing 66–150 lb. Males are noticeably larger than females. All Sikas are compact and dainty-legged with short, trim, wedge-shaped heads and a boisterous disposition. When alarmed, they will often display a distinctive flared rump much like the American elk.    

Sika stags have stout, upright antlers with an extra buttress up from the brow tine and a very thick wall. A forward-facing intermediate tine breaks the line to the top, which is usually forked. Occasionally, sika develop palmation. Females carry a pair of distinctive black bumps on the forehead. Antlers can range from 11 to 18 in. to more than 30 in. depending on the subspecies. Stags also have a distinctive mane during the rut.