Q.What is the success rate?

Success rates are high and are determined by the skill of our hunters and their personal goals for a trophy. Clients hunt active bait sites. However we have no control over what hunters do on the stand, their ability to sit still, be quiet and observant. We also cannot control their shooting capabilities. With all that said, we consistently rank higher than the state average and typically send up to 80% of our hunters home with a bear.


Q. Why is the success rate so high?
OMM books a small number of hunters during a season but controls as many sites as some outfitters who take dozens of hunters. This policy allows sites to cool down, sometimes for a year or two, thus bears mature and feel SAFE. Using motion activated cameras we also identify sites visited by sows and cubs and thus do not waste the client's time hunting these sites. Success comes from maintaining approximately 10 hunts per week and having approximately 20 sites that go unhunted each year while actively moving sites to keep bear guessing.


What Our Customers Say

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    Feature Articles from Bear Hunting Magazine May 7, 2014

    The Maine Event - Hound Hunting Maine
    By Bernie Barringer
    Stunning scenery, an amazing historical lodge and plenty of bears; this trip had it all
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    Earl Peterson - Kentucky Bull Elk Hunt

    "What an extraordinary hunt this was! Hunting the reclaimed mountain top coal properties of Eastern Kentucky was as exhilarating as being at an altitude of 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains - but without the thin air. Elk were bugling all around us and reacting with great enthusiasm to our calling."
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    John Houck - Kentucky Bull Elk Hunt

    This hunt actually started in May of 2015 when my son Joe received the news that he hit the lottery! Now I’m not talking about “power ball”, I’m talking about a bull elk tag for the 2015 Kentucky rifle season! I’m not sure who was more excited, as Joe went on to say, “I hope you’ll go with me Dad.”
    The planning started immediately. Seasons, rules, regulations, harvest statistics, and outfitters were at the top of the list. We left no stone unturned, as we were determined to make the most of this perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity.
    After talking to what seemed like every outfitter in Kentucky, as well as numerous references, Joe decided on OMM Outfitters. Nathan Theriault heads up OMM Outfitters, and he lived up to his reputation by exceeding all of our expectations. First class, all the way!

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